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We provide Professional Cat Grooming Services and all kinds of special services.

We provide Professional Cat Grooming Services and all kinds of special services. Click here to make a grooming appointment.

All grooming services are given by our Professional Cat Groomer of 20 years and are performed with patience and love. There are no dogs on the premises so the cats are never stressed out hearing barking dogs in the background...only soft gentle music under the soft and loving touch of Manny is an expert at cat grooming. He is a long-time cat lover, cat owner and fits in perfectly with our cattery's promise of the very, very best for our feline guests.

A Country Cat House was the 'originator' of the now famous "Lion's Cut" for cats, as well as the 'Town & Country" and the "Sanitary Cut". These 'hairdos' and haircuts for felines have now become routing across the nation with almost every establishment that groom cats.

These cuts were designed to assist owners in keeping their long-haired cats comfortable, clean and mat-free. Long-haired cats are 'very high maintenance' and our Lions cut and Town and Country are beautiful, easy to care for and last about four or five months. The cats really love them and after their bath and cut, will 'prance' with their tail and head high when we are finished with their grooming. It is their way of saying "Thank You." We know 'cat talk'!

Repeat feline customers ever 'purr' during their grooming at A Country Cat House.. who wouldn't? They are being pampered to the nth degree; they are getting gentle massaging and their skin 'cleaned'...the are being cleaned of normal household dirt, dust and oils that build up day after day, month after month...and some cats have never had the pleasure of really having clean skin because cat owners are under the impression that 'cats clean themselves'.. they can't clean themselves unless they take a dip in the pool, perhaps,.. they cannot clean their coat by 'licking'...what they do by licking is add bacteria to the bacteria that is already there from prior attempts at cleaning...their licking helps to straighten our their strands of hair, their coat. That is where 'hairballs' come from

Cats are meticulous self-groomers but their tongue does not 'clean' their coat, it straightens out the hairs' and with long-haired cats, the moisture from their tongue and the licking creates 'matting', very bad mats that left uncared for result in developing mats so hard and strong they tighten right down to the skin. At that stage, the only solution is having the mats shave off and let the coat grow out beautifully again.

This is why we developed these wonderful haircuts for cats! It benefits the cats because it cuts down on hairballs, makes them feel good, and they don't develop mats that left unattended can become very, very sore and painful.

Owners normally are not aware and have no knowledge that is what's happening, so 'don't' feel guilty if your cat is in this condition. Just put him/her in their cat carrier and bring him or her to us... bring them to our master cat groomer, Manny, at A Country Cat House and he will do the rest.

Prices start at $25.00 for kitten grooming and up for cat grooming and haircuts (haircuts range between $45-$95.00) depending on the condition of coat and temperament of cat.

I assure you, both 'You' and your 'Cat' will be delighted...

You do not have to board to use our Grooming Services. We do not have dogs and we do not use any chemicals or tranquilizers. We groom with love, understanding, patience... do come! (Also, remember, even short-haired cats like to be 'clean down to the skin' and love the pampering. it's not just their long-haired cousins who deserves this treat! All cats of every kind enjoy feeling of being clean. After one or two groomings, they know the process and Manny, and know how good they are going to feel so they relax and enjoy the process just like you enjoy a good massage at the spa.


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